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Mean Girls, Savvy Women

How is it possible that you and your posse always manage to have someone handy to take loads of group shots of you all jutting out your arms and pursing your lips while looking so cool and hot and tan and popular … Continue reading

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Loving Dry Cleaners, Judging Moms

When your dry cleaner mistakes your (admittedly short) dress for a shirt and charges you $6 instead of $15 (which is insane, btw) to remove the beer stains c/o the Bonobos-wearing boy who (lovingly) poured his drink down your back, just nod your … Continue reading

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What is and what is not a date can be ambiguous territory in this age of friendly, continuous, messy everlasting drinking. How do you know when to make the executive call that it’s not a romantic rendezvous and just two … Continue reading

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What to do with the t-shirt you stole from your boyfriend once the relationship bites the dust

–rub a chicken wing all over it, take a photo, and post the pic to eBay. Say it’s Justin Bieber’s shirt from when he ate chicken wings that ONE time he was just trying to be a normal kid. Demand $20,000 … Continue reading

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Materials Needed for “PROJECT BOY”

Not all boys are men. Some are projects. And that’s coo. Fixer-uppers are fine as long as you’ve got the proper supplies, chica! Before you begin a craft-astic weekend, stock up on the below to ensure that your boy is … Continue reading

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Those are Fightin’ Words–What NOT to Say to Your Single Friends

It’ll happen when you’re not looking for it. Translation: You are utterly desperate and men can literally smell,  I’m telling you, SMELL, your weak, single female eau de loser. It only takes one. Translation: It only takes one—until then, stock … Continue reading

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GAW Monday Mantra

If you have actually eschewed all practical and sartorial advice and continue to wear billowy shirts and dresses with absolutely NO shape and TONS of excess fabric, then you have no right to be offended when someone mistakes you for … Continue reading

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