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What to do with the t-shirt you stole from your boyfriend once the relationship bites the dust

–rub a chicken wing all over it, take a photo, and post the pic to eBay. Say it’s Justin Bieber’s shirt from when he ate chicken wings that ONE time he was just trying to be a normal kid. Demand $20,000 … Continue reading

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Materials Needed for “PROJECT BOY”

Not all boys are men. Some are projects. And that’s coo. Fixer-uppers are fine as long as you’ve got the proper supplies, chica! Before you begin a craft-astic weekend, stock up on the below to ensure that your boy is … Continue reading

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Those are Fightin’ Words–What NOT to Say to Your Single Friends

It’ll happen when you’re not looking for it. Translation: You are utterly desperate and men can literally smell,  I’m telling you, SMELL, your weak, single female eau de loser. It only takes one. Translation: It only takes one—until then, stock … Continue reading

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