GAW Monday Mantra

If you have actually eschewed all practical and sartorial advice and continue to wear billowy shirts and dresses with absolutely NO shape and TONS of excess fabric, then you have no right to be offended when someone mistakes you for an illegitimately knocked-up college grad. In this situation, you can only do one thing. Smile politely, rest one hand on your tummy, and graciously accept his or her seat on the subway (and a lollipop, too, if one is offered). It’s a win/win. You’ll give someone the false hope of good karma. And your unsightly fashion statement will be a tad closer to ground-level.

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One Response to GAW Monday Mantra

  1. setinmotion says:

    Your Monday Mantras definitely help me get through Monday.
    Saying that…it IS a bit unfair that badly dressed people are getting seats on the train while I am not…

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